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The Benefits of Disinfecting your Home in Mesa, AZ

Germs are everywhere. Although some are helpful, others cause diseases, making regular disinfection one of the necessities for healthy living. You can find germs in the air, drinking water, and even your skin. Germs are on the surface of every object we touch, making it easier for humans to pick up since we interact with several surfaces daily. 

And to protect yourself from these germs, having a clean home that smells nice doesn’t cut it. However, disinfecting your home will go a long way in eliminating microbial pathogens and reducing the risk of some related health issues. 

Although disinfecting your home might seem stressful, expensive, and time-consuming, it’s an excellent way of ridding your living space of disease-causing microbes at any time. Since the pandemic, disinfecting and sanitizing have become rampant.

Today, many Americans take disinfection seriously. Many have invested in disinfecting equipment and personal protective equipment and learned the disinfection process, while others schedule periodic sessions with disinfection services. 

Disinfection of homes is part of a broad approach to preventing infectious diseases among family members or employees. Interestingly, this article will shed light on the benefits of disinfecting your home in Mesa, AZ. 

What’s the Difference Between Cleaning, Sanitizing, and Disinfecting?

Many people mistake disinfection for sanitizing and cleaning, but they are different:

  • Cleaning: This process involves the removal of dirt, dust, and germs from surfaces. Cleaning with soap and water guarantees the neatness of surfaces, but this process may not necessarily kill all germs. 
  • Disinfecting: Unlike cleaning, disinfection requires using a chemical agent or some disinfection solutions to kill surface germs. Some common disinfectants include chlorine bleach. Meanwhile, disinfection services cost more and take longer to complete, unlike cleaning services. 
  • Sanitizing: You could sanitize either by cleaning or disinfecting. For surfaces, you can use soap to clean and disinfect, while alcohol solutions are best for hand sanitizing. 

Benefits of Disinfecting Your Home

Pathogen Elimination

The most significant advantage of disinfecting your home is eliminating bacteria, fungi, and viruses on surfaces around your home. Considering the threat these three poses to the human immune system, scheduling periodic disinfection services makes perfect sense. 

Although disinfectant solutions don’t promise 100% effectiveness, Arizona Restoration Specialist uses special chemical disinfectants that kill 99.99% of these harmful pathogens and ensures clean and germ-free surfaces. 

Improves Home Odor and Air Quality

Homes have several odors. It’s not just your grandma’s place; the odors develop from bacteria and dust build-up. The funny thing is that these harmful viruses and bacteria can float. If you don’t disinfect surfaces in your home often, some of these pathogens get airborne, and you breathe them in. 

Eliminating all odors is impossible as other human activities will give rise to new ones. However, you can keep the odors minimal and make your homes or office buildings 99.99% germ-free by disinfecting regularly.

Reduced Healthcare Cost 

Good personal hygiene and regular disinfection of surfaces are crucial for disease control. The smaller your chances of falling ill, the more you save on medical bills – and your medical insurance would cover your periodic checkups.

If you are a budget-conscious family, one of the best things you can do for yourself and your finances is to schedule regular disinfection services. Perhaps you want to do it yourself; it’d be best to use already made solutions as chemicals like hydrogen peroxide may be dangerous for you to handle.

Reduces Respiratory Issues

Almost everyone has respiratory issues – to an extent. The air we breathe isn’t pure and contains toxins and harmful substances. But most of our respiratory problems result from dust and bacteria in our environment. 

With regular disinfection, we can effectively reduce the population of germs and kill harmful bacteria causing respiratory issues. Perhaps you live in Arizona or surrounding cities and require disinfection services, contact Arizona Restoration Specialists at 602 – 497 – 0448. 

What are the Levels of Disinfection?

There are three primary levels of disinfection, and they include:

Low-Level Disinfection

This process involves disinfecting surfaces with an agent that destroys all vegetative bacteria and most viruses. Examples include hospital disinfectants registered with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Note that low-level disinfectants are ideal for disinfecting non-critical items. 

Intermediate Level Disinfection

This process entails disinfecting using an agent that kills a wide range of pathogens than a low-level disinfectant but doesn’t kill bacterial spores. 

High-Level Disinfection

This disinfection level eliminates all micro-organisms in or on an instrument, except for some bacteria.

Steps to Disinfecting Your Home

Get Disinfectant: Quaternary Ammonium Compounds or Other Products 

If you’re not considering disinfection services, you can do it yourself; the first step is to shop for a preferable disinfectant. When you get your disinfectant, ensure you keep it out of reach of children. Also, get disinfectant wipes to clean the surfaces you intend to sanitize. 

Wear Personal Protective Equipment

Disinfectants are chemicals, and their chemical composition is harmful when ingested. Hence, wearing complete protective equipment, including gloves, jumpsuit, nose mask, and protective glasses, is advisable. 

Disinfect Surfaces

Once your PPE is on, you can begin spraying and wiping surfaces. Ensure you clean high-touch surfaces like kitchen countertops, light switches, and door knobs. 

Tips for Using Disinfectants

  • Read the manufacturer’s instructions and use the recommended amount.
  • Avoid mixing products or chemicals.
  • Store and use chemicals out of reach of children and pets.
  • Avoid spraying people or pets with disinfectants.
  • If instruction indicates diluting with water, use warm water at room temperature.
  • Do not eat, drink, or breathe in the chemicals.

What Are the Most Important Things to Disinfect?

Disinfection doesn’t mean you have to clean your house from top to bottom, and the following are places and things to focus on:

  • Faucets 
  • Toilets, especially seats and handles
  • Remote control and game controllers
  • Computer keyboard 
  • Staircase railings

Looking for Disinfection Services in Mesa, AZ? Arizona Restoration Services is Your Best Bet

Doing it yourself is okay, but scheduling periodic disinfection services guarantees effectiveness and saves you time. At Arizona Restoration Specialists, not only do we offer quality and affordable service, but we also guarantee your satisfaction. Ready to disinfect your home? Call us at 602 – 497 – 0543 for a free quote


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