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Fire, floods, or natural disasters can be devastating because they may result in loss of life and grievous damage to valuable property. A disaster experience is difficult enough as it is, let alone dealing with the aftermath. Business premises lose their tidy appeal, homes lose their cozy atmosphere and there is a major disruption of the normalcy of life.

Salvaging property to its pre-loss condition to go back to your previous way of life may seem to be an overwhelming task. That, however, need not be the case, as the construction industry and reconstruction restoration professionals are here to help.

Building, construction, and reconstruction restoration professionals restore homes, apartments, and commercial buildings after a disaster. They return them to their pre-disaster condition. Or ideally, in even better shape than they were before.

Flooding, burst pipes, leaking appliances, or sewer backups cause water damage to property. Water used to extinguish a fire collects on property and leads to water damage. Water gets absorbed very quickly into walls, floors, and furniture.

By nature, and due to gravity, water flows to the lowest level of the home leading to an accumulation of stagnant water that may not be immediately noticeable. Even an inch of stagnant water can cause damage worth thousands of dollars.

Water damage then compromises a building’s structural stability, making it prone to collapse. Hence the need to clean and dry out the building immediately. Mold formed from dampness eats away and causes wooden support beams to rot prematurely. Water damage affects the structure of the home in the following ways:

  • Flooring warps, bows up, and cracks.

  • Wood structures swell, warp, begin to rot, and buckle.

  • The accumulated water on the ceiling causes it to sag

  • Paint on surfaces bubbles up and peels away.

  • Moisture under carpeting is a perfect breeding ground for mold, mildew, and other dangerous toxins.

  • Damaged electrical wiring, electronics, and HVAC systems are no longer safe to use because of the risk of getting an electric shock

Minimal water damage is repairable. Water damage in larger areas may require construction or reconstruction restoration work. Some parts of the building may be unsalvageable and need rebuilding.

Construction and reconstruction work should be timely and scheduled immediately after a disaster. Delaying increases the likelihood of needing more reconstructive work, which will inevitably go over the budget. This is also because mold, which is a toxic health hazard and eats away at the building structure, takes only 24 hours to grow and spread.

The reconstruction team contracts highly skilled construction workers and equipment to restore the disaster-damaged property to its pre-loss condition. They return property and the premises back to their function as much as possible. Before the contractors come to assess the property, there are some things that one can do after evacuating from the property.

  • Turn off the electricity from the main power switch. It is crucial to call an electrician to do this if it involves standing in water.

  • Protect yourself by wearing gumboots and gloves when you need to reenter the home after a disaster. Protect valuables like wooden furniture by lifting and placing them above the water. It is crucial to remove carpeting also, to prevent mold growth.

  • Call your insurance company, take photos, and document the value of each property item that may need replacing. These steps are necessary in case you need to file an insurance claim for covered items

Many restoration companies promote their ability to remove the water, mold, smoke, soot, from your home following an unexpected disaster. What is less talked about is the construction and restoration that takes place after that. The goal of any restoration project is to restore the home or business to its pre loss condition, ideally as if the problem never occurred, and hopefully in even better condition than it was originally.


Water damage and mold removal wreak all kinds of havoc on the structure of a home, some of which may be serious. A home that was struck by a flood may have been shifted on its foundation, which weakens structural members and makes it prone to collapse. Out of control mold can eat away at wooden supports or beams and cause them to rot prematurely.

Water damage can be the result of burst pipes, which are almost always guaranteed to happen behind walls or ceilings. The water released can work its way down through the structure of the home. This means staining, swelling, and failure of drywall, ceilings that sag under the weight of accumulated water, and electrical and HVAC systems that are no longer safe for use without risk of electrical shock.

It doesn’t take a lot of water to cause a lot of problems, either. As little as an inch of standing water is more than enough to cause thousands of dollars in damages.

Flooring damaged by water may bow up, warp, or crack, and water in and under carpeting paves the way for mold, mildew, and other dangerous toxins to appear. Water by its very nature will continue to flow down to the lowest possible level of the home, meaning that some accumulations of water may go unnoticed without the help of a professional water damage restoration technician who knows what kind of problems should be looked for.

After doing all this, it is now time to contact a construction and reconstruction restoration professional. Construction and reconstruction work involves rebuilding unsalvageable drywall, plumbing, electrical wiring, HVAC, and finishing. One can choose a company to do cleanup restoration and another to do reconstruction work, but a professional service doing both is best.

They will provide you with one quote for all services-saving you time and money. Having one company do all your restoration work also ensures there is no communication gap between you as there will be no need for middle-men to get the job done and you can rest assured that the details of the project, will not be overlooked

Before construction and reconstruction, the professionals remove all standing water and dry out any remaining water using dehumidifiers and air movers. In case of fire damage, all debris, and hazardous materials, like asbestos, are removed. Soot is cleaned out and odor control is done to remove smoke odors. Mold removal is also done. The sewage pipes, in cases of sewage backup, are also cleaned out. Antimicrobial treatment is then applied to surfaces to destroy mold spores and hence prevent further mold growth.

Restorable items that were packed out initially, are then cleaned up and restored to their pre-loss condition.

After cleaning is complete, construction and reconstruction restoration work begins. The contracting company can contract a response team that contains the building professionals needed to carry out the range of your project’s, specific reconstruction needs.

Construction work begins with a plan of action, whereby the home or business owner confers with the construction company. This is so the reconstruction professionals can understand what kind of final product the property owners’, had in mind. The contractors also inspect the property to assess the level of damage and the extent of cleanup and reconstruction needed.

With this plan of action, the construction company builders then proceed with the structural, electrical, HVAC, and plumbing system repairs on the construction site. Reconstruction work also involves replacing drywall, installing new roofing, windows, counters, and fixtures.

The cosmetic portion of the reconstruction process involves cabinetry, adding trim finishes to floors, scrubbing, sanding, and painting. Construction and reconstruction work restores the pre-damage function and safety of a building.

At this point, a property owner can choose to have a complete change and renovate the spaces to look different from before the disaster. A construction restoration design professional can reconfigure spaces or expand them with added building design features.

At Arizona Restoration Specialists, we are able to evaluate your overall water damage situation and devise a course of action for dealing with it effectively. This includes not only removing the water and drying everything out, but looking at the damage left behind and working with those areas of your property that have been damaged or destroyed.

Our customer service department is second to none and will be available to answer all of your questions and concerns about what will be happening on and around your property during this time. Our technicians can also provide free estimates with detailed descriptions on the process that will be followed to repair the damage and restore your home.

In many cases, carpeting that has been submerged for more than 48 hours will need to be torn up and discarded. Likewise for upholstered items. Furniture may be salvaged, and any antiques or heirlooms may require the attention of a qualified restoration professional specializing in such pieces. Drywall may need to be partially or completely replaced, and flooring will require special attention to address any warping or cracking that may have occurred.

In more severe case, parts of a home may have been damaged beyond repair, and require demolition and reconstruction in order to be deemed safe for habitation. The water damage reconstruction of any home or business is a major undertaking, and we are familiar with all local building codes and ordinances, which means that your home restoration job will be done right, the first time, allowing you to move back in and resume your life. Following a water or flood damage disaster, you should expect nothing less.

Be wary of fly by night or disreputable service providers. Many companies exist to prey upon harried homeowners, usually taking off after receiving a hefty deposit, or at best providing shoddy or unfinished work. You then end up paying even more in order to get the job done right.

Our technicians are all educated, trained, and certified in all areas of the restoration industry, which means we have committed time, energy, and resources to being able to provide the best quality home restoration service in the entire state. You will know what is going to be done, how long it will take, and what it will cost. If insurance is a factor, we will do the legwork for you. You have enough on your mind, so let us handle the details. Throw in the industry’s best guarantee and you will know your home or business is in the best possible hands.

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