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How to Prevent a Flooded Basement in Gilbert AZ

Increased daylight, the chirping of birds, and cheery daffodils are some of the happy signs indicating spring. But alongside these welcoming signs is the annual remembrance of one of the nightmares of many homeowners – basement flooding. 

Spring rains often bring out the worst in flawed foundations, leaving homeowners with an expensive mess to handle. Great floods will always be a concern for homeowners – especially those with basements – as there’s not much you can do when nature sets its course.

Aside from making your basement unusable, basement floods can damage your personal belongings and set you back a few thousand. 

However, your basement shouldn’t be leaking or flooded anytime it rains. There are practical precautions you can take to save money, time, and headaches in the future – and these precautions may even protect your home against other unforeseen natural disasters. 

If your basement is at the risk of flooding, here are some practical ways to safeguard your basement from flooding:

How to Prevent Basement Flooding 

Install a Sump Pump in Your Home 

It’s critical to install a sump pump in your home, and if you already own one – fantastic. Have it serviced to ensure it’s in excellent working condition and is ready to protect your basement walls and other belongings from water damage.

The sump pump, alongside the sump pit to hold water, will reside in the basement. When incoming groundwater due to excess rainfall causes a rise in water level, a sensor triggers the pump to suction the excess water.

The suctioned water will exit your basement through a drain pipe, emptying the water away from your foundation to avoid further damage. Keep in mind that a battery backup ensures the operation of sump pumps for when the power goes out.

Inspect Your Water Heater

Water heater leakage is one of the common causes of flooded basements. Ensure you do a regular check on your water heater. If you notice any red flags such as rust, puddles on the floor, discolored water, or strange sounds from the water tank, contact a repair service before the issue escalates. 

Proper Landscaping 

Your lawn should slope such that rainwater runs away from your house towards the street gutters. If your property’s yard slopes towards instead of away from it, you’re at the risk of constant basement flooding.

But the good news is that you can correct the issue and get as creative as possible with your solution options. Here are some landscaping options to help reduce or eliminate your flood risk:

  • Installation of rain gardens
  • Installing a green roof
  • Diverting rain sprouts 
  • Digging out a swale 

Clean Out Your Gutters Regularly 

The primary functions of your gutters are to collect rainwater or snowmelts off the roof and channel the water flow off your foundation – not to collect dried leaves and twigs. For an efficient gutter system, ensure you clean them at least thrice every year – especially before the spring thaw.

Remember to inspect the angles of the downspouts to ensure they are correct and discharge water at least three meters from the foundation. Many home and business owners overlook this simple practice, but it saves you the money you’d pay for damage restoration services. 

Extend Downspouts Further from the Foundation 

You can reduce your chances of contacting flood cleanup services or a restoration company by extending your downspouts. Instead of linking the spouts directly to your footer drain or above your yard, you can add extra material to channel the water further away from your property. 

But if you’ve engaged in this preventive step and still experience a flooded basement, you must be tired of the entire drying-out process. It’d be better to contact a basement waterproofing company in such a situation. Many commercial property owners opt for basement waterproofing to prevent damages to the valuables they store there – and you can do the same. 

Consider the amount and time you spend on mold growth removal, drying process, water damage, and fire damage restoration every time you experience flooding. It’d be better to opt for complete waterproofing, as your insurance company may not cover the cost of water damages. 

Install a Backwater Valve 

If your home is in Gilbert, AZ, and you want to prevent a flooded basement, install a backwater valve against sewer backups. A typical water flow system sees water going in one direction – from home to public sewer systems. 

However, occasional sewer clogs and backups occur, and these occurrences can have you engaging in restoration procedures. But you can avoid contacting emergency services for water damage by installing a backwater valve. 

Seal Cracks in Foundation 

Untreated cracks in your foundation will make the affected areas vulnerable to water penetration – which may lead to future flooding. When water from sources like groundwater, clogged yard drains, and plumbing leaks build up – expect to have a flooded basement soon enough. 

But the good news is that foundation cracks are relatively easy to fix. Once you notice them on your property, ensure you take care of them as soon as possible. Remember that these cracks are relatively easier and less expensive to fix while they’re small. 

Preventing Basement Floods: Steps to Take Inside the House

Property damage is a nightmare for property owners. Whether you own a small house or an apartment complex, water damage restoration cost is no small amount, and here are essential practices to prevent it:

  • Service your water heater and plumbing system at least once a year 
  • Leave your thermostat at 60 degrees or higher, and open under-sink cabinet doors to prevent frozen pipes
  • Know the condition of your sanitary lateral and have a professional inspect the lateral every five to ten years

Are You Battling Basement Floods in Gilbert, AZ? Contact Arizona Restoration Specialists

Arizona Restoration Specialists offer emergency response 24/7, and our licensed team of professionals provide top-notch restoration services, giving you the best and most deserved value for your money. 

A flooded basement is an unpleasant experience, but it worsens when the restoration job is not up to par. If you reside in Gilbert, AZ, and are looking for experienced water damage restoration professionals, call us at 602-497-0548.


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