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5 Unexpected Causes of Water Damage in the Home in Scottsdale, AZ

Unexpected water damage can cause a lot of stress. There is an instant mix of frustration, anger, and panic when you notice the damage to your wall, floor, or anywhere else in your home. The good news is that water damage is preventable in many cases. 

That is why we will discuss the top 5 causes of water damage in your home. You’ll also get tips on how to spot the early signs before it causes permanent damage and prevents water damage.

If you are looking for help with flood damage, burst pipes, and natural disaster situations, reach out to our team at Arizona Restoration Specialists, we are to help with fire damage restoration, damage-related sewage backups, and general property damage.

Let’s start with the importance of being careful and doing your best to maintain your property before we move into the various causes of water damage within your property.

Remember to Always Practice Caution

We know that you want to make sure to account for flammable objects, nearby furniture, extreme heat, electrical appliances, and more in the Scottsdale Arizona area.

It is best to have properly maintained PVC pipes, to minimize elements that can catch fire, and to not have heating appliance equipment next to items that are more prone to catch fire.

Always account for health hazard situations whether it be due to broken pipes, surprise fires, and more.

We always recommend that it is best to practice safety regularly so that you can avoid issues such as standing water, clogged gutters, mold accumulation, faulty dishwasher problems, and more.

Remember that a little maintenance program can go a long way in minimizing mildew growth, mold growth, and more within your property.

Let’s begin with the various causes.

Issues with your plumbing system

The number one cause of water damage is plumbing issues. Because your plumbing system is out of sight, it is easy for these issues to cause significant water damage before they are detected. That is why we advise our clients to have their plumbing systems inspected at least once a year. During an inspection, you should look for loose or faulty hoses, pipe joints, and pipes. 

Pipes have varying lifespans. Copper pipes last for about 50 years, while brass pipes can have more than 70 years. Galvanized steel pipes can become faulty within 20 to 50 years of usage. Drainpipes have long lifespans. Cast iron drainpipes can last for a century, while correctly maintained polyvinyl chloride (PVC) pipes can seem to last forever.

You should factor in the age of your pipes when carrying out inspection or plumbing repairs.

One early sign of a flawed plumbing system is an increasing water bill. If your water bill is getting unusually high, you might have a water leak in your home. You can also inspect your sinks, showers, tubs, and toilets for moisture or soft spots. Another indication of a water leak is loose tiles in your rooms or discolored floorboards under your dishwasher or washing machine.

One way to detect water leaks on time is to install a water leak sensor in your home. The sensor will alert your phone when it detects a leak.

Washing machine leaks

Any water leak can cause severe water damage, and leaks from your washing machine are no exceptions. A faulty supply hose to your washing machine can spill out more than 600 gallons of water in one hour.

You can detect washing machine leaks if you are paying close attention. Unfortunately, we can get distracted after throwing in a load of laundry or being engaged elsewhere in the home.

Every few years, you should replace your supply hose to prevent washing machine leaks. Also, avoid overloading your washing machine as this can cause your valves and gaskets to get loose.

Burst water pipes

Suppose you have water sprinkler lines, swimming pool supply lines, or any type of pipe with minimal insulation. In that case, you should watch out for bursting water pipes. When the weather gets cold, these pipes can freeze over and burst. 

To prevent this, you should insulate your cold and hot water pipes using pipe sleeves or heat tapes. You should also keep your garage door closed as often as possible during freezing temperatures while keeping your bathroom cabinet doors and kitchen open to allow circulation of warmer air in your home.

Old water heaters

Water heaters don’t last forever. Once they pass their 10 years mark, you should start making plans for replacement. An old water heater can cause water flooding in your basement. 

You can always tell how old your water heater is by checking the serial number on the manufacturer’s sticker. The sticker is usually located near the top of the water heater. If you are looking to upgrade, choose a tankless water heater. They have up to 20 years on their shelf life.

The age of your water heater shouldn’t be your only concern. You should also look for signs of wear and tear and deterioration. Mainly, you should look out for signs of rust, mold, or moisture buildup.

Hostile weather conditions

Everyone loves snow. However, if your home isn’t protected, the lovely snow could batter your ceiling, walls, and roof during a snowstorm. You should make your house weatherproof by regularly cleaning your downspouts and rain gutters. Also, ensure your windows and doors are tightly sealed to prevent moisture from entering the home.

Ice dams are another issue to watch out for. They form when heat from your home melts the ice on your roof. The melted water flows to the edge and then freezes, increasing an ice dam. The dammed water can slowly seep into your ceiling, walls, and other areas in your home. To prevent this, you should keep your attic insulated to avoid the heat from reaching the roof.

Hail also poses its own share of water damage risk. You should have your roof inspected immediately after a hailstorm. It is best to also inspect your ceiling and walls for any water damage. Experts would suggest that you do this as soon as possible as even the slightest injury from a hailstorm can cause a lot of water damage.

Make the wise move, ask for a professional home inspection!

You might have water damage in your home without knowing. Your plumbing system, washing appliances, roof, and water heaters can cause water damage when loose or become faulty/damaged. 

You can ask a professional restoration service to conduct a thorough inspection of your home. It will cost you some time, but their actions will help fix any water damage in your home and prevent avoidable water damage in the future.

Reach Out to Our Team At the Arizona Specialists Today

Arizona Restoration Specialists has more than 20 years of experience serving The Grand Canyon State with top-flight water damage restoration services. With crews on call around the clock, 365 days a year, we can have someone on the scene of any water damage problem within an hour.

Our stable of services includes all aspects of water damage and related problems such as mold removal and remediation, sewage cleanup, and repair/reconstruction.

All of our work is completely guaranteed, and you will experience the finest customer service in the restoration industry. When it comes to water damage, don’t wait, since the problem will only get worse over time. Call Arizona’s first choice in water damage repair and restoration, the professional service providers at Arizona Restoration Specialists.


Our stable of services includes all aspects of water damage and related problems such as mold removal and remediation, sewage cleanup, and repair/reconstruction.

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