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7 Reasons Why Water Damage is so Costly in Mesa, AZ

Standing water is a recipe for mold growth, and certainly every homeowner’s nightmare in Mesa, Arizona. Whether the water is due to a leaking water heater or a sewage backup, the repercussions and cost of water cleanup and professional restorations can easily run into thousands of dollars. As a homeowner, it’s important to know the reasons why water damage is so costly and what course of action to take. Let’s look at the factors that may influence the cost and the complexity of water damage restoration in your Mesa home.

1. Size of the Area Affected

The larger the area that’s been affected by water damage, the more time and effort it will take to repair. A water-damaged bedroom is a huge inconvenience, but will likely cost at a fraction of the amount you’d spend on repairing the first floor of your house. The bigger the area in square foot, the more water you’d have to move out before restoration work can start. Likewise, widespread damage may mean using a lot more materials in repairs or replacement.

 2. Volume of Water

Another thing that can drive up the cost of restoration is the amount of water involved and the area that’s affected. For example, an inch of water from a leaking sink pipe on the ground floor can be easy to clean up than a constant drip from an upstairs shower that’s gone unnoticed for a decade. High volume leaks can lead to severe and costly damage. The more water you have, the greater the likelihood of it spreading and worsening the damage.

3. Type of Water

Water can be classified into three categories depending on its hazard level. Here are the three categories of water that may cause harm to your home.

Category 1: Clearwater from sanitary sources such as your faucet, water pipes, or toilet tank. It may also come from snow melt-offs. While this water isn’t contaminated, you still don’t want it to cause water damage in your home.

Category 2: Greywater is any water that’s already been used and has mild contaminants. It can come from your dishwasher or washing machine. Left to stand, it can develop bacteria.

Category 3: Blackwater originates from your sewer or severe floodwaters and usually contains harmful bacterial and toxic chemicals. Items that come into contact with this water are unsalvageable.

4. Is Water Still Standing

If water is still present at the damage site, it may hamper the efforts of the water damage restoration service to reconstruct your home. Water damage experts will have to eject the water using pumps or special equipment then dehumidify the affected are before commencing restoration.

5. Source of water

Where the water comes from also matters. Water damage in Mesa can arise from various sources and the origin of the water can determine the type of cleanup that follows. Water from a leaky HVAC unit may not be as dirty as floodwaters. Similarly, a small sewer backup may not cover a large area. However, it will require special treatment from water damage repair services as it’s category 3 water.

6. Affected Materials

Water affects different materials in different ways. For example, some types of floors are easy to replace in bits after water damage, while others like wet carpets may have to be ripped up completely and replaced. Across your home, there are other materials and surfaces that are affected by water too. Mold may begin growing if water damage extraction is not done or the affected area bit dried completely. Their composition will determine how well they can withstand water damage, and whether repairs or replacements are necessary. Experts from a professional company can help you make sense of your home’s material and the cost of water damage restoration in Mesa AZ.

7. Time since the water damage occurred

Water damage can cause worsen with time if it’s left untreated. Within days, mold and mildew may appear. As weeks go by, mold will take hold of the drywall and ruin organic materials. Mold growth also poses serious health risks and can cause allergies and respiratory problems. Untreated water damage can ultimately damage your home’s foundation after several months. Dealing with water damage fast isn’t just a matter of preserving your home. It’s a question of safeguarding your health and safety. Contact a professional water damage restoration company 24-48 hours after water damage occurs.

Other factors that determine mesa water damage restoration costs

Your home’s location also determines the recovery time from water damage and the cost of repairs. If you live in a cold or humid climate, dehumidification may take longer and cost you more. The amount of reconstruction work to be done also influence the restoration costs. Opting to repair your surfaces instead of replacing the materials in your home may save you money. However, repairs aren’t always an option. Sometimes, full reconstruction may be required to get your life back on track, and this will certainly influence the cost and timeline of repairs. Each situation is unique, and obviously, the large and more complicated the job is the more resources and time water damage clean up and restoration will take. If mold is present, you may also pay for mold removal. Then there is garbage disposal after a water damage cleanup exercise. Other services like roof repairs, plumbing repairs may also add up the cost of water damage services.

Looking for water damage restoration services? Contact Arizona Restoration Specialists today

Sewage backups, flood damage, and mold damage pose potential health risks to you and your loved ones. Contact Arizona Restoration Specialists, water damage restoration near me, at the first sign of trouble or after a natural disaster. We have skilled and experienced restoration experts, who can help you with your situation. Our professionals will handle water extraction and mold restoration properly as they have specialized equipment.

Whether you need emergency services due to broken pipes or water clean in your flooded basement, we’ve got your back. We can help you repair water damage and create a healthy environment for your family. If you need to file an insurance claim with your insurance company or justify that you need specific repairs, we can assist to determine the kind of water damage repair you’ll need and the costs. To get a free quote, call 602-753-3388 today.


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