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What To Do and Not To Do If You Have a Water Leak in Scottsdale, Arizona

As any residential or commercial property owner in Scottsdale, AZ, is well aware of, a water leak can have serious, devastating consequences for the house or business. Mold can begin to develop within 24-48 hours, and water damage is often widespread. Water stains on the walls or pooling under the floors can cause irreparable damage.

Whether it is in the sewer lines, stemming from an appliance like a water heater, or even issues with your swimming pool, a leak can affect your water bill, water pressure, and structural integrity of the building.

Water leaks may sometimes be difficult to find or hidden behind a wall or even underground (think, slab leak). You may only realize something is amiss when you receive a higher-than-normal water bill, notice low water pressure in your shower, or see that your water meter is spinning like crazy! In these cases, a residential or commercial property owner would need experienced Scottsdale water leak detection by a company specializing in advanced plumbing services.

At Arizona Restoration Specialists in Scottsdale, AZ, our water leak detection and repair team has the experience and tools to find a potential leak and help to prevent major damage and costly repairs. Whether it is a slab leak under the foundation, problems with water heaters, or issues with the kitchen sink, we can handle it all!

Our experienced technicians are available 24 hours per day for great service in an emergency. Still, we are also here to help you before we arrive at your house or building to perform leak detection services. Below are some do’s and don’ts for home and business owners who realize there is a leak into their building.

Things To Do When Water Leaks Have Been Found in Your Pipes

House owners dealing with leaks in their pipes will largely be focused on preserving their homes and protecting their family and personal possessions. Business owners will also want to ensure their products and equipment are guarded against plumbing leaks in their pipes.

Here are some things our highly trained technicians recommend that you do when a leak has been found (or you think there may be one somewhere) to minimize the potential damage:

  • Be sure the supply of main water shut off is complete
  • Release the remaining pressure in the pipes by running the faucet in your kitchen sink or bathroom sink
  • Absorb any standing water on floors and surfaces with towels and sponges to eliminate the potential for structural water damage and water stains
  • Unplug and remove any electronic equipment or appliances (if possible to be done safely) that are near the water leak in your house
  • Open windows and turn on fans to speed up the drying process
  • Call plumbing experts such as ours at Arizona Restoration Specialists for leak detection services and repairs

Unless you have experience and expertise with plumbing, it is best to leave the repair process for leaks in your pipes to the professionals. At Arizona Restoration Specialists, we fix leaks in the water main, sewer lines, and any other location in your house or business.

Things To Avoid After You Find a Water Leak in Your Pipes

For several reasons, you must not attempt to fix any major issues with a pipe, drain, or other plumbing fixture without the advice and expertise of a plumbing professional such as ours at Arizona Restoration Specialists in Scottsdale, AZ. One wrong move in the plumbing could result in further flooding, damage to your walls and floor, and even spill-over into your front yard.

Here are some other plumbing don’ts to keep in mind when you have a leak in your plumbing:

  • Do not wait or ignore the problem – it will only get worse and cause more damage to your Scottsdale, AZ, house, or business
  • Do not turn the main water supply back on – the pressure can make the plumbing leak even worse
  • Do not attempt to open a wall with a potential leak behind it because there could be a major buildup of toxic mold
  • Do not perform any plumbing actions beyond stabilization efforts without a plumbing expert by your side

It is best to consult with a business that specializes in expert plumbing services, such as Arizona Restoration Specialists in doubt.

Think There May Be a Leak in the Sewer Pipes? Contact Us for Plumbing Services in Scottsdale, AZ!

If you own a house or business in Scottsdale, Arizona, and suspect that there may be a leak somewhere in the building, it is essential that you contact experienced plumbing technicians to detect the leak and make any necessary repairs.  With a properly repaired pipe, you can rest assured that your family, personal belongings, products, and equipment are safe and secured.

At Arizona Restoration Specialists in Scottsdale, our highly trained team of plumbing experts has the experience, knowledge, skills, and equipment to deal with all plumbing issues, including emergency situations. Each plumber on our team is dedicated to helping house and business owners keep their buildings in tip-top condition by performing exceptional plumbing services for any situation.

Customers dealing with puddles in their homes or a buildup of moisture in their walls need to eliminate these water sources to prevent serious water damage to their buildings. Our plumbing company can use highly advanced equipment to determine where a leak is coming from and then repair that issue efficiently.

If you have a burst pipe or think there may be a leak in your walls, give us a call any time of the day or night. Our team will get back to you immediately to not have to wait for expert repairs. From the toilet to the sewer and anything in between, our team is here to help!

Contact us for professional Scottsdale, AZ, plumbing services for your residential or commercial property!


Our stable of services includes all aspects of water damage and related problems such as mold removal and remediation, sewage cleanup, and repair/reconstruction.

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